This home, high above the City of Laguna Beach, was designed by a well known local home designer in the 70's.  Almost 50 years later it is in need of a thoughtful renovation to emphasize its good points and to make it a more comfortable and functional home.

The house as it exists is multiple levels (9 in all) starting with the loft level.  A half story down is a bedroom which is going to become a home office space. Another half story down are the main living spaces.  Another half story down is a bedroom that will become the Master Bedroom Suite.  Half story down again there is the lower level that currently consists of a combination of five different levels. As you can imagine it is difficult to functionally utilize and access all these different levels. So, in order to ameliorate the functional confusion, we propose to add a new, more comfortable, safer and code compliant staircase and elevator.  We are also reducing the number of levels on the lower level from 5 to 2. As the home exists the pool can only be accessed from the lower level by an almost full story staircase. Our intention is to create better access to the pool patio by lowering the lower level altogether by basically three feet. The interior is receiving a more contemporary open layout.  We are proposing to bring the whole building into conformity with current energy and building standards.

We have been committed to sustainability as it applies to this building from the beginning.  We are keeping the existing structure in its entirety.  We are reducing energy use by increasing insulation and by replacing all non-compliant fixtures, doors and windows and mechanicals with code compliant energy efficient models.   The owners are considering photo-voltaic solar panels for their electrical needs as well as a solar hot water system for heating the pool.

The house will remain compatible with the neighborhood because it will be virtually the same house as has been there for 46 years, but safer, and more functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for the owners.  We hope you’ll agree that our proposed project is a thoughtful and positive one for both the owners and the neighborhood.